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Applications of naoclean in schools, hospitals & hotels

  • It can help you to prevent a infectious diseases 90% by washing hand before and after meals.
  • NaOClean has been shown to be highly effective in disinfecting bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus, V.parahaemolyticus and S.typhi just by washing hand.
  • Sterilize rubber gloves, boots and of utensils.



Restroom (Toilet, sink, bath, etc.)

The Disinfectant generator enables users to remove the bacteria and bad smells effectively in small restaurant kitchen, restroom and more. Also, you can solve the problems of the slimy and fur on the floor by spraying and keep the pleasant working environments.



Hemostasis effect & Allergy

Disinfectant Generator is effective in hemostasis of the wound or after exodontias.




In-hospital Infection Prevention, Improvement the Care environments (Endoscopy)

MRSA, MTB, E.coli, S.aureus, Salmonella, General bacteria, Virus and more 99.9% High-level Sterilization of all kinds of bacteria within 30 sec.

NaOClean Guide Book

Download Naoclean Guide Book


Comparison to Existing Sanitation System

Download Naoclean Comparison to Existing Sanitation System


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