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Although we have more safe and eco-friendly alternatives

Environmental changes caused by industrialized economies have triggered extreme weather, such as high temperature with humidity and heat waves, resulting in the proliferation of microorganisms, such as food poisoning bacteria. This creates a higher risk of food poisoning which used to occur on rainy summer days begins to arise regardless of the weather. Today, the world has established a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP), an international guideline, to improve the quality of life and to prevent different types of diseases by offering a systematic and scientific management of sanitation on the national level.

Nowadays, the intake of fresh, organic vegetables or fruits are on the rise. Schools and other institutional food services use disinfectants to manage sanitation only to find unexpected consequences such as: antibiotic resistant pathogens, disinfectants’ strong odor and other negative side effects on the human body (skin/respiratory system), residue, abuse, and secondary contamination of disinfectants, soaring budget caused by the growing use of disinfectants, growing labor and workers who are reluctant to use harmful disinfectants. Hence the need of effective, sanitary management.


NaOClean proposes a solution about these issues. It produces powerful disinfection agents on site without any risks to humans. In addition, our disinfecting water is classed as non-toxic and biodegradable thus helping protect both people and the environment. Also, It makes substantial cost savings in many circumstances. It is often substantially cheaper than using traditional chlorine based chemicals.

In today’ s world, a scientific, productive and efficient management of sanitation can only be achieved through a modernized device. NaOClean generates chemical-free disinfecting water right on the spot using a scientific, eco-friendly modern technology. Since NaOClean only needs a small amount of salt and tap water, it is free of chemical related problems. It can sanitize food products, utensils and personal goods, while it is in line with the HACCP sanitation code.

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