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A strong disinfecting power

NaoClean disinfecting water can fully sterilize bacteria in a shorter time at lower concentrations than traditional chemical disinfectants. And as neutral water, it maintains the freshness of food and does not damage nutrients. By eliminates germs on fruits, vegetables or fish, NaOClean can prevent various diseases.


NaOClean effectively eliminates foul odor and offers excellent results without damaging the environment or the human health; whereas conventional disinfectants such as ultraviolet, ozone, and alcohol come with negative consequences. 


Safe and Convenient

Disinfectant generator is saver on your skin than other chemical disinfectant. It leaves almost no residue, thanks to a quick dissolution of active chlorine. Also, it generates a steady stream of powerful disinfecting water at a constant concentration, allowing users to use the disinfecting water at anytime and anywhere.


Zero Pollution

Discharging untreated electrolyzed disinfecting water directly into the sewage system will not damage the environment or the system. Nor is it a violation of any sewerage acts. Disinfectant generator generates safe and clean solution without producing a toxic smells and ensures good working conditions.


Cost effective

The cost of using NaoClean is significantly lower than conventional disinfectants. The cost of producing
electrolyzed disinfecting water is also very low. Since NaOClean can effectively kill a wide variety of bacteria, it can replace expensive chemicals. Workers may enjoy shorter working hours and procedures by using
the product.


Prevent diseases

By eliminates germs on fruits, vegetables, or fish, NaOClean can prevent various diseases. You can also easily disinfect kitchen dishes and utensils, protecting the health of your family and strengthening hygiene in
your house.


Does not damage nutrients

As neutral water, NaOClean does not turn food brown or cause protein degeneration. It maintains the freshness of food as it is processed within a short time.

NaOClean Guide Book

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Comparison to Existing Sanitation System

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