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This system a reliable supply of electrolyzed based highly active sodium hypochlorite. Without affecting the pH level, just electric current passes through tap water mixed with a small amount of salt in an undivided electrolytic bath. Then the machine generates sodium hypochlorite water keeping constant level.

Also, you can use other active matters such as hydrochloric (HCI) instead of salt to produce the hypochlorous acid (HOCI) and other disinfecting solutions.

Chlorine disinfectant are the most widely used sanitizer for tap water. NaOCI based disinfectants are mainly used to prevent foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza.


The Secret of Disinfectant Generator

Disinfectant generator is a compound of NaOCI. NaOCI (sodium hy-pochlorite), which is a principal ingredient for disinfection, is created from the elctrolyzed water with a small amount of salt.

NaOClean Guide Book

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Comparison to Existing Sanitation System

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