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Setting Up Your Airocide is As Easy As 123.

1. Where Should I Place It?

Before unpacking your new Airocide air purifier, find a place in your home where you will be using it. For first time users, we recommend installing it in the bedroom. End tables, dressers or nightstands do nicely. We also offer flexible options via our wall mount accessory or floor stand (for optimal height placement). Just be sure placement is convenient to an electrical outlet.

 While Airocide can be placed just about anywhere between one (1) to eight (8) feet off the floor, ideally we recommend placing the unit between four (4) to six (6) feet, off the floor. You’ll also want to check to be sure there is plenty of room behind it (approximately two to six inches) to allow air to move freely in and around the unit. Your Airocide air purifier can be placed in a  vertical or horizontal position – either way works fine.


2. Time To Unpack It.

Open the package and remove the unit. The grill is wrapped separately. Set it to one side, and turn your Airocide air purifier so that the plug is at the back of the unit.

Next, using both your left and right thumb, press down on each of the Reaction Chambers to ensure they are fully seated. The clips to the right and left of both the top and bottom chambers, should overlap, holding them in place.

Having assured that the chambers are secure, unwrap the grill and place it onto the front of the unit. The grill is magnetized and will seat itself securely without the need for screws or fasteners of any kind.


3. Plug It In And Turn It On.

Your Airocide is almost ready to go. Place it in your determined location. Plug it in. On the back of the unit you’ll see a small circle with a line in it. This is the ON/OFF switch and is located directly across from the power cord. Press it. The unit should immediately power up* on the high setting.

*If it doesn’t start, one of two things is the probable cause; (1) one of the reaction chambers is not fully seated or (2) the grill is not fully seated. These are safety features. If either of the two conditions exists, Airocide will not start.

The quiet whirring of the internal fan and the illumination of the controls indicate that Airocide is at work clearing your air.



Now Choose Your Setting.

  • LOW – use Airocide on low for those environments where quieter operation is needed.
  • HIGH – Airocide is most effective in this mode and is the recommended setting for best results.
  • AUTO – A special feature that is driven by a light sensor. When the ambient light in the room is sufficient, the sensor will tell Airocide to run on high speed for maximum purifying efficiency. Turn the lights out in this setting and your Airocide air purifier automatically drops into quiet mode, running at low speed. When brighter conditions return, Airocide returns to high speed. You don’t have to do anything – Airocide takes care of it by itself. Just select the mode you want and that’s all there is to it.

Airocide Specifications

Download Airocide Specification


Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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