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STAGE 1 is a Carbon/Permanganate Media that aids in creating a more rapid removal of gaseous material. Used by itself; activated carbon will saturate and reintroduce the gaseous component back into the environment. However, when used with PCO material that has 360 degree exposure to a UV light source it expands capacity to remove VOCs.


STAGE 2 is MERV-12 media, which removes particulate matter from the air such as Inorganic Carbon. This is the same material that hospitals use.

STAGE 3 is a fibrous material coated with our proprietary catalyst that has approximately 270 degrees of exposure to the UV light source. We found that given the reaction chamber geometry this maximized the surface area and created a more efcient removal of the gaseous component of P.M 2.5.

STAGE 4 is the traditional NASA developed Airocide catalyst with approximately 90 degree exposure to the 254 nanometer UV light source. Approximately 15 - 20% of the composition of P.M 2.5 is organic material. This is primarily un-combusted hydrocarbons from cars, trucks, and from smoke stacks. Typically these molecules are very stable cyclic hydrocarbons that are both ifcult to remove from the air and very dangerous to breathe (carcinogenic). The Airocide Catalyst has been proven efective in disturbing the stabilizing ring structure and achieving complete oxidation to Carbon Dioxide.



A technology sanitation the air with a system of Photocatalytic Oxidation


how airocide works

Airocide Specifications

Download Airocide Specification


Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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