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It’s Where Patients Air Their Diseases.

When those who are symptomatic gather together in an enclosed space such as your waiting room, the risk of airborne cross-infection is significantly multiplied. And where it’s important that the product of sneezes and coughs be dealt with quickly and continuously, Airocide® bioconversion systems are being deployed to eliminate them. Not only for the patient, but the healthcare workers who assemble daily to treat them as well.

Waiting Room


Airocide® bioconversion systems disassemble airborne pathogens at a molecular level, leaving only traces of harmless vapor behind. The original microbe is taken apart. The carbon atoms holding it together are torn away and reconnected to (OH-) hydrogen and oxygen atoms leaving nothing organic behind. The microbe simply ceases to exist. And all this without producing any Ozone or other harmful byproducts. Without any filters. Using no more power than that consumed by a couple of 100-watt light bulbs. And requiring no maintenance other than replacing its proprietary lamps once a year.

When you think about it, an Airocide system considerably lowers the risk to yourself, your colleagues and your healthcare workers. A risk that is even greater than that of your patients as your exposure is daily.


CASE STUDY: Advanced Air Sanitization in a Medical Office Setting. A Clinical Study of Indoor air Quality Data from the use of an [Airocide® bioconversion system].”

A clinical test of the Airocide bioconversion system was conducted in a pediatrician’s office complex. The primary objective of the study was to determine the effect on airborne bacteria of turning off an Airocide system that had been operating 24/7 for six months inside a pediatric facility. The secondary objective was to measure the difference in performance of the system in a pediatric “sick” waiting room compared to a pediatric “well” waiting room.

Within 24 hours of turning off the Airocide system, airborne bacteria in the facility increased by an average of 181%. One week later the average level of airborne bacteria had risen to a level that was 211% higher than when the Airocide bioconversion system had been operating.

Airocide Specifications

Download Airocide Specification


Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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