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Your Exposure May Only Be 10 Minutes. Their Exposure Could Be Three Times Longer. Or More.


All day long patients with a litany of symptoms visit this space. They are exposed to the viral and bacterial organisms that were exhaled by others while at the same time exposing others to the contribution they bring to the room. Considering the collection of microbes that enclosed space accumulates in a single day it’s no comfort to realize that your HVAC system shares that air with the rest of your office and everyone who works and visits there.

There is an effective tool that eradicates virtually all airborne organic matter in a single pass. The microbes and pathogens even hospital grade HEPA filters can’t stop. The Airocide® bioconversion system. Employing the proprietary TiO2 technology developed at the University of Wisconsin for NASA’s use on the Space Station, Airocide leaves the air palpably pure. It feels lighter. It is crisper and Ozone free. Bacteria, virus, mold-spores, mycotoxins and VOCs... gone.


PEER-REVIEW PAPER: Reducing Airborne Microbes in the Surgical Operating Theater and Other Clinical Settings – a Study Utilizing a Unique Photocatalytic Reactor Biocide Unit.

The authors provide a research study examining the airborne microbial killing efficiency of a unique photocatalytic reactor (PCR) marketed under the brand name Airocide® bioconversion systems. The study examines baseline bacterial and fungal cultures commonly known as pathogens, collected at specific clinical sites. The cultures were incubated and separate culture counts (colony-forming units, or CFUs) for specific microbes were recorded for the given clinical area. The samples are identified by a gram stain and special growth media and samples of unique clinical interest such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are studied in depth, identifying genus and species in varying culture media. Samples and cultures are collected at specific times for a 24-hour period after the installation and use of the Airocide bioconversion unit, revealing up to a 300% reduction of airborne microbes.

Airocide Specifications

Download Airocide Specification


Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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