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Add an Airocide® bioconversion system into the equation and the number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) plunges. All because Airocide systems eradicate virtually every microorganism they encounter. 99.999 percent of them on the first pass. Proven in clinical studies. Proven in real-world hospital operating rooms. Airocide’s bioconversion technology eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew and removes harmful VOCs, which result from the constant sanitizing of surfaces.

The statistics prove it. Studies show that up to 30 percent of hospital-acquired infections result from airborne pathogens circulating in hospital air. Airborne pathogens including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and penicillum aspergillus are in the air even in environments considered sterile.

Airborne pathogens persist in hospitals despite hospital-grade HEPA filtration and laminar flow systems because the effective range of filtration is from .3 to .1 microns. Yet the deadliest pathogens are smaller than that. Even their larger colleagues are able to circumvent most systems. When people enter the operating room, they bring these contaminants with them. Sterile gowns collect hitchhikers along the way. And Operating-room nurses who prepare the room bring companions that remain despite precautions.

And that’s just in the OR. Then there’s recovery, pre-op, intensive care and plenty of other places where pathogens lurk—even waiting rooms. State-of-the-art hospitals have recorded astounding reductions in airborne pathogens including those resistant to treatment after installing Airocide bioconversion systems. Explore the evidence. Then put Airocide to work for your team.

Airocide Specifications

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Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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