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Love Your Pet, But Hate The Allergies? We Can Fix That.

Pet allergies are triggered by pet dander and odor causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) given off by animals. These allergens can cause respiratory irritation; triggering allergic and asthmatic reactions. Our Airocide air purifier eliminates virtually all airborne VOCs like pet odors, while also eliminating pet dander.


I Can’t Smell My Pet.

Have you ever known a filter based air purification device to remove odors? Probably not. If you are affected by pet allergy triggers and odors you need something that is designed to destroy them. Our Airocide air purifier uses NASA developed technology and is highly effective at destroying allergens caused by pets while removing their organic odors. Just turn it on and let our Airocide air purifier take care of the rest.



Your First 60 Days With Airocide.


Days 1-30

Something Is Happening To The Air.

Before you notice relief from your allergies, you’ll notice a difference in the way the air smells. It’s cleaner, somehow crisper. You won’t be able to put your finger on it, but you’ll know something is different.


Here’s What’s Happening.

Lets face it. There is a certain level of airborne contaminant found in every room. And, it moves about every time something stirs the air. Airocide is designed to remove it. Airocide knocks down the bio-burden caused from organic odors from cats, dogs, birds and other household friends; it also destroys any naturally occurring pet dander and other common allergy triggers so your body can find relief. Experience clean air over several days and you begin to smell and feel a difference.


Days 31-60

The Difference is Clear.

Airocide is so unobtrusive it seems to disappear. By now it has become part of your environment, safely and effectively removing harmful airborne particles to a level you never before thought possible. Living with Airocide you notice improved air quality, no pet odors or pet dander, fewer allergy triggers, reduced stuffiness and itchy eyes. You truly smell and feel a difference.


Airocide Specifications

Download Airocide Specification


Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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