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applications of naoclean on petshop

  • It is highly effective in controlling plant diseases such as Anthrax, Fusarium wilt, Mildew, Black Shank, Dieback and more.
  • Because there is no residual chlorine on the crops, it is possible to spray just before harvest and it does not promote pesticide and fungicide resistance.
  • By spraying Disinfectant Generator electrolyzed water regulary, cro yields may be increased thus increasing farmer income and consumer confidence.


Sterilizing on the surface of the vegetables and fruits


  • It disinfects on the surface of the food materials such as cucumber, lettuce, spinach, apple, orange, and etc.
  • It can make the food materials more freshly and safely when you process the distribution step.

NaOClean Guide Book

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Comparison to Existing Sanitation System

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